Vicki Hinze.  Destined to Thrill.  Fated to Heal.

LOST, Inc.


A New Love Inspired Suspense Mini-Series

by Vicki Hinze

Survive the Night

October 2012

Christmas Countdown

December 2012

Torn Loyalties

February 2013

Behind the Books


* Paul Mason inspired by Tim McGraw. Photo credit: www.sodahead.com/enterainment, source: imagecache6.allposters.com


Our experiences shape our lives.  The tough times are where we discover who we are and what most matters to us.  We can let hard times break us, or we can take the lessons we learn and use them to do something constructive for ourselves and for others.

That’s the purpose of LOST, INC.

             VICKI HINZE

In the Lost, Inc. novels, Survive the Night, Christmas Countdown, and Torn Loyalties, people working at the agency to help find the lost.  They are routinely required to put all they have and more on the line.  In doing so, they become targets, victims of those who don’t wish to be found.  They seek truth through courage, and find truth through love.  Nothing, they discover has the healing power of love.

The Series

  1. 1.-About Lost, Inc.

  2. 2.-Key Characters

  3. 3.-Key Places (Photos)

The Books

  1. 1.-Survive the Night, 10/12

  2. 2.-Christmas Countdown, 12/12

  3. 3.-Torn Loyalties, 2/13